About Us

Our History

Since 1981, National Drilling Company (NDC) has been the benchmark of drilling operations in the region!

Established in 1981, the National Drilling Company (NDC) has consistently set the benchmark for drilling operations in the region. As an Egyptian joint-stock company (S.A.E) adhering to local legal provisions, NDC has excelled as a premier provider of oil and gas drilling services, demonstrating a robust track record in the operation and maintenance of land drilling rigs.
Who We Are

NDC is a quality provider of oil and gas drilling services.

NDC stands as a distinguished provider of oil and gas drilling services, leveraging decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to efficiency, capability, and innovation. Serving as a beacon of industry-wide expertise, NDC not only shapes its own future but also contributes to a sustainable environment through cutting-edge technologies and adherence to world-class industry standards.

What We Do

NDC Main Activities

Our purpose is what drives NDC to keep carrying its role as a leading drilling and land rig services provider company in the region.

1- Land drilling and workover activities and associated services

NDC, a forefront drilling and workover land rig services provider in the region, orchestrates essential drilling and workover activities. Our rigs, meticulously designed for various stages of oil and gas production, play a crucial role in exploration, appraisal, development, and production.

2- Technical support, detection equipment, subsistence services and high-efficiency services for operating companies

Our world-class teams provide 24/7 technical support, integrating the latest software technologies. NDC’s dedicated personnel deliver detection equipment and high-rated on-ground services, ensuring seamless operations for oil and gas field operating companies.

3- Maintenance of oil wells for operator companies

NDC is specialized in multiple activities regarding oil well maintenance which are vital to the half-life of oil wells.  Some of the common activities associated with oil well maintenance is Blockage Prevention so the pipe can resume its normal task of carrying the oil to the surface.

Among Oil well maintenance services come the Pump and Compressor Maintenance and Spill prevention and containment activities. A dimension that NDC takes pride in, aligning with the company’s core values in greener operations with positive environmental impact. 


NDC Vision

“To supply clean and sustainable energy through an ethical work process that prioritizes both customers and the environment.”

NDC Mission

“NDC is on a mission to deliver the best drilling and maintenance operations using cutting-edge technology, manned by our people in an inclusive, safe, and secure work environment. Upholding values that treat everyone with dignity and respect, we empower human development while maintaining the fundamental principles that NDC stands for.”

What We Stand For

Our Core Values

National Drilling Company

Words from the Chairman

In the dynamic landscape of the present era, Egypt, and NDC, in particular, stand on the verge of transformative significance as a burgeoning natural gas and electricity export hub, poised to reshape the energy connectivity between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. As the Chairman of NDC, I am honored to convey the pivotal role that our organization plays in empowering the energy cycle not only in Egypt but across the broader Middle Eastern region, contributing significantly to the vitality of the local Oil & Gas Industry.

Our collective vision aligns seamlessly with Egypt's commitment to diversify its energy production, reflecting a tangible and timely realization of our shared goals. The nexus of opportunity and responsibility is paramount, and at NDC, we take pride in navigating this intricate terrain with purpose and foresight, extending our impact beyond borders.

The challenges we encounter are not limited to a specific geographical area. However, NDC has consistently demonstrated resilience and an unwavering will to overcome obstacles. We operate in diverse landscapes, including having several projects in Libya and other Middle Eastern countries. Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, transcending national boundaries. As we navigate the unique circumstances inherent to our industry, the commitment of our personnel, staff members, and engineers has been exemplary. Their tireless efforts have been the driving force behind NDC's current standing, reflecting our ability to operate seamlessly in various Middle Eastern countries.

Looking forward, the challenges ahead beckon us with an air of anticipation, encompassing not only our operations in Egypt but also in Libya and other Middle Eastern nations. The core values embedded in our work ethic will serve as a guiding light through different times, fostering satisfactory operations and ethical relationships with our clients and partners across the region.

Notably, as the world increasingly shifts towards sustainability, NDC embraces its environmental responsibilities. Our company is moving steadfastly towards a greener industry, ensuring that our operations align with the imperative of environmental conservation.

In conclusion, I am optimistic about the future, fortified by the collective spirit of the board, management teams, and our esteemed employees. Together, we will navigate the evolving landscape, emerging stronger and more resilient as architects of a sustainable and impactful future, transcending borders within the Middle East and beyond.