About Us

Our History

Since 1981, National Drilling Company (NDC) has been the benchmark of drilling operations in the region!

Established as an Egyptian joint-stock company (S.A.E) in accordance with Egypt law provisions, NDC sets the bar as a quality provider of oil & gas drilling services with proven track record in the operation and maintenance of land drilling rigs.

Who We Are

NDC is a quality provider of oil and gas drilling services.

With decades of experience and a commitment to efficiency, capability and ingenuity, NDC sets an example of how industry-wide expertise can pave the road for a better future, for the company and the environment alike!

Through cutting-edge technologies and world class industry calibers, NDC continues to empower different ecosystems with the energy needed for a better future.

What We Do

NDC Main Activities

Our purpose is what drives NDC to keep carrying its role as a leading drilling and land rig services provider company in the region.

1- Land drilling and workover activities and associated services

Drilling and Workover Rigs are considered one of the most important oilfield equipment, and used among different stages throughout the whole lifecycle of oil & gas production.
Rigs serve a dedicated purpose that suits the purpose of drilling and its environment.
NDC carries out different Rig Operations to drill exploration wells and wildcat wells during exploration, drill several wells to understand flow rates during the appraisal stage, to drill wells during the development stage, and rigs are used to drill more wells during the production stage.

2- Technical support, detection equipment, subsistence services and high-efficiency services for operating companies

NDC world-class teams are here to help with technical support, from urgent technical issues to latest software technologies over 24/7 support time frames.

Our dedicated personnel will guide and provide everything operating companies need from detection gear and high-rated on ground services in the oil & gas field.

3- Maintenance of oil wells for operator companies

NDC is specialized in multiple activities regarding oil well maintenance which are vital to the half-life of oil wells.  Some of the common activities associated with oil well maintenance is Blockage Prevention so the pipe can resume its normal task of carrying the oil to the surface.

Among Oil well maintenance services come the Pump and Compressor Maintenance and Spill prevention and containment activities. A dimension that NDC takes pride in, aligning with the company’s core values in greener operations with positive environmental impact. 


NDC Vision

“ To supply clean and sustainable energy through an ethical work process that puts both the customers and the environment at the heart of its operations. ”

NDC Mission

“ NDC is on a mission to deliver the best drilling and maintenance operations using cutting-edge technology, that is manned through our people in an inclusive, safe and secure work environment. An environment that treats everyone with dignity and respect, empowers human development and maintains the fundamental values that NDC stands for. ”

What We Stand For

Our Core Values

National Drilling Company

Words from the Chairman

Egypt is on the threshold of becoming a natural gas and electricity export hub, a development which carries the potential to radically reconfigure the pattern of energy connectivity between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Egypt’s vision to promote different forms of energy production can be touched now more than ever.

At NDC, we take pride in the role we play to empower the energy cycle and the local Oil & Gas Industry. A role that extended its effect to the whole region. This impact would not be achieved without the continuous support and efforts Egypt’s decision makers and the whole board and management teams in the related governmental institutions who will not spare effort to push the productivity and ethical operations forward.

Our industry has naturally certain circumstances that we have to work and excel through. The onset of COVID-19 means 2020 will be remembered as one of the most unsettled and difficult years in living memory. The impacts have been significant and will continue to reverberate around the world for a considerable period ahead. It may have never been easy, yet the company’s unprecedented will to overcome obstacles steers its way across the whole journey. A journey that the board, and myself, are honored to be part of, along with our esteemed employees.

Last but not least, I would personally like to thank our personnel, staff members, engineers for their tireless efforts exerted to keep NDC where it is today.

We look forward to the challenges ahead, and I am quite certain that our work values will guide us through different times, From safety and on ground precautions, to satisfactory operations and ethical relationships with our clients and partners. With due care to our environmental considerations with the company moving towards greener industry, this is how we will get through stronger, all together.