Environmental Stewardship at NDC

Our Environmental Commitment

At NDC, we aspire to earn the respect of our customers, investors, peers, neighbors, workforce, and suppliers through the responsible management of our environmental footprint in a sustainable manner. Your actions play a crucial role in reducing environmental liabilities and enhancing the environment in which we operate and live. It’s not just about us; it’s about the ONE world we all share.

NDC Environmental Recommendations

The Changes You Can Make

We and the Environment

In a world where competition for environmental resources is intense, poor resource management and excessive waste production lead to increased costs and potential liabilities. The scrutiny of how companies manage these environmental issues comes from investors, customers, and the public at large.

Our commitment to the environment is enacted through our Four Environmental Tenets :

Waste | Water | Land | Energy

Our Four Tenets


Effectively manage waste by reducing its production, proper handling, and ensuring responsible disposal. NDC adheres to the following Rules to Live and Work By:

  • I will ALWAYS seek ways to reduce waste in my work.
  • I will ALWAYS dispose of waste in the correct containers.
  • I will NEVER burn waste without proper authorization.


Enhance water efficiency by reducing usage, recycling when possible, and preventing contamination. NDC follows these Rules to Live and Work By:

  • I will ALWAYS find ways to reduce water usage in my work.
  • I will ALWAYS explore water recycling opportunities.
  • I will NEVER allow spilled materials to enter sinks or drains without proper authorization.


Mitigate the potential impact on land through responsible work practices. NDC follows these Rules to Live and Work By:

  • I will ALWAYS handle, transport, use, and store materials to prevent spills, releases, or leaks.
  • I will ALWAYS ensure proper labeling of storage areas and containers.
  • I will ALWAYS report and promptly clean up any spills, releases, or leaks.


Decrease energy consumption by selecting efficient equipment, turning off unused devices, and opting for energy-efficient goods. NDC adheres to these Rules to Live and Work By:

  • I will ALWAYS find ways to reduce energy use in my work area.
  • I will ALWAYS turn off equipment and lights after completing a job.
  • I will ALWAYS use energy-efficient-rated equipment and goods where practical.