NDC Safety

Safety First at NDC

NDC Safety Commitment

At NDC, safety is paramount, woven into the fabric of our operations. Our commitment extends to both personal and process safety, placing operation and personnel safety at the core of our priorities. We meticulously identify major hazards’ root causes, focusing on prevention through rigorous safety measures and adherence to global standards.

Continuous Safety Advancements

Proudly investing in continuous research and development, NDC ensures that safety remains a steadfast pillar of our success and distinctiveness. Our safety protocols, refined over decades, reflect our unwavering dedication to creating a safe, secure, and environment-friendly atmosphere.

NDC Safety Measures

1- Risk Management

NDC actively identifies workplace hazards, implements controls, and reduces risks to prevent incidents.

Rules to Live and Work By :

  • I will ALWAYS use a Permit To Work when required.
  • I will ALWAYS report an uncontrolled hazard.
  • I will ALWAYS stop to identify hazards and risks before starting work.

2- Lifting Equipment

Ensuring the safe handling of equipment, NDC meticulously oversees manual handling, mechanical lifting, and movement of industrial equipment.
  • I will ALWAYS inspect lifting equipment before use.
  • I will ALWAYS secure loads prior to movement.
  • I will NEVER stand in the path of a moving load.

3- Hazardous Substances

NDC implements safe practices for storing and managing hazardous substances.

Rules to Live and Work By :

  • I will ALWAYS review Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) before handling hazardous substances.
  • I will ALWAYS follow label instructions on containers and store hazardous substances adequately.
  • I will NEVER handle specialized materials without proper training and competence.

4- Hazardous Environments

Ensuring safe work in hazardous environments, NDC emphasizes stringent safety measures.

Rules to Live and Work By :

  • I will NEVER enter any confined space without authorization.
  • I will ALWAYS be prepared for the environments in which I work.
  • I will ALWAYS ensure that trapped pressure is vented safely.
  • I will ALWAYS use fall protection equipment when working at heights.

5- Commitment and Intervention

Fostering a culture of improvement and personal empowerment, NDC encourages proactive intervention.

Rules to Live and Work By :

  • I will ALWAYS intervene and STOP unsafe acts.
  • I will ALWAYS use approved safe work practices.
  • I will ALWAYS use the correct PPE for the task.

6- Facility Safety

NDC conducts activities in a safe, efficient, and productive environment, a key to our success.

Rules to Live and Work By :

  • I will ALWAYS use Lock Out Tag Out when required.
  • I will ALWAYS keep my workplace free of hazards.
  • I will ALWAYS secure equipment before working on it.
  • I will ALWAYS ensure that pressure tests are conducted in a controlled environment.